About Us

About Us

Our work

Merick Academy is a non profit organization focused on helping refugees access higher education and equiping them with the necessary skills to later contribute to the development of their own communities.

Our philosophy

We believe that access to higher education is the best course out of poverty and a tool for achieving sustainable community development among refugees and deprived communities

Our approach

Education for everyone:
We highly invest in the education of young people as a force behind community development. We evaluate and recruit highly talented youth who we later help access higher education, give access to opportunities, and offer standard academic training in English, Mathematics, computer science and Entrepreneurial leadership. Through out our recruitment process, we give high priority to girls, refugees, and youth affected by conflict, disaster and extreme poverty.
Prosperity for everyone:
To drive sustainable community development, each cohort of our admitted students commit to creating a project that economically and socially supports at least ten women and ten families in their community. A single project is lead by a team of 5 scholars with the help of a mentor. These scholars ensure the success and support this project for a life time.

Empowering women is key to achieving zero poverty, peace, reduced domestic violence, sexual exploitation and to building self-reliant families on the African continent and beyond. Through our unique model, Merick Academy has committed to empowering women by implementing women-lead businesses across various fields. These business are created by our scholars and each business is set to support at least 10 women and 10 families while helping over 50 people escape poverty. Learn more about how we are reinventing giving back while creating a community where women are economically and socially empowered.

Life long engagement

Merick scholars become members of a huge family and strong network of change makers for a lifetime. As we prepare them to change communities, Merick scholars are guided and supported through the university search and application process and academic coaching both before and after getting accepted into university. They also get access to mentorship and counseling, and access to work and study opportunities for a life time.

Mission and Vision

A world where the disadvantaged thrive.
Building sustainable communities through education and women empowerment across the African continent.

Our values

We stick to and stand for the truth.
We are considerate and passionate about helping others.
We try our best every single time.