Welcome to Merick Scholars application

Thank you for your interest in the Merick Scholars program. This program is extremely competitive. That being said, we would encourage you to apply early so as to have your application considered early. If you have any questions, contact us at or through the chat option on this page.

Application deadline

  • Opened: 01-June-2021
  • Deadline: 15-October-2021
  • About the Merick Scholars program

    Merick Scholars program is a life long program designed to help refugees, internally displaced, conflicted-affected and extremely poor yet talented youth gain access to higher education. As a Merick Scholar you will have life long access to the Merick network, university guidance, where we help you apply to your dream university, academic coaching, entrepreneurial leadership, mentorship, and many more opportunities.

    Academic Institute

    After your written application has been submitted and accepted. You will be requited to attend Merick Academy for one year. During you stay at the Merick Academy, you will have to go through an intensive academic study where you will be taught English, Math, computer science and entrepreneurial leadership. Your graduation ends with creating a community project that will financially support at least 10 women, 10 families and plan to lead at least 50 people out of poverty. This project is meant to introduce you to practical leadership, entrepreneurship and problem solving as you begin your journey as a young African leader as change maker.

    Merick Scholar benefits

    University Access
    We will try our best to help you get into your dream university on either a full scholarship or financial aid. We do run donation campaigns to support our students who get accepted into university but have not received enough financial aid to cover the full cost of their education. Please note that we do not guarantee admission into university. But 100% of the students we have recruited for the past years have got accepted into universities of their choice.
    Academic Support
    You will have access to amazing and world class educators and mentors who will support you through out your education journey.
    Community Engagement.
    Our students are motivated by giving back to their own communities. We will support you through out your giving back efforts. We will be there for you whether you want to start your own initiative or run a community event.
    Mentorship and Counselling
    You will have amazing mentors who will guide you through out the way. So do not worry about getting lost.
    The Merick Network
    You will have access to our network of entrepreneurs, educators, business leaders and talented young people just like you. You will also have access to our online portal where you will get to connect with your fellow students, and have access to numerous opportunities.

    COVID-19 information

    Due to the current COVID-19 situation, All our programs will be run online until further notice.

    Admission Criteria

    • Anyone from anywhere around the world can apply.
    • You are a secondary school student or high school student planning to attend African Leadership Academy (ALA)
    • or Cornerstone Leadership Academy
    • You are currently in high school, you have graduated from high school or have two years left to graduate from high school.
    • Priority will be given to refugees, girls and youth who are internally displaced or those affected by conflict, and extreme poverty.
    • You have a history of excellent academic achievement.
    • You have a passion for giving back to your community
    • You can still apply if you are a University Student who meets the above criteria

    Extra Requirements

    • A valid passport or travel document. Please apply for one immediately if you do not have one. You can still apply to the Academy if you do not have a passport but you will be required to apply for one at the start of the program.

    Ready to apply ?