Education, community and Career success for Refugees

We are creating access to higher education for refugees while building projects that accelerate sustainable development across various African communities. learn more


The refugee Education Crisis

Globally only 3 % of refugees get to university and over half of refugees do not have access to education. While refugee education is a global crisis, it is even worse when it comes to refugee girl education. A huge number of refugee girls are out of school as compared to refugee boys. Refugee girl education and overall refugee education is key to ensuring a better future for their communities and families and a move towards building sustainable peaceful communities.

Our approach

We are using an education-to-community approach to help refugees and disadvantaged youth access higher education while contributing to the sustainable development of their communities. Our program teaches English, Mathematics, Computer Science and Entrepreneurial Leadership to our students. It also supports our students in accessing higher education and connects them to various opportunties around the world.

Prioritizing Girl education
Taking girl education as our priority, through our year long program, we train girls, refugees and youth affected by conflict, natural disaster and extreme poverty to become the change makers of today and tomorrow.
Prioritizing women empowerment and community building
With a huge committment to community development, all our students create or support a community project that economically and socially empowers disadvantaged women and families and lead them out of poverty.