Scholars Program

Merick Scholars programs develops talented yet disadvantaged youth in young leaders and change maker by attending the our 3 months summer academy. We help the scholars acquire academic skills in English, Math, computer science and entrepreneurial leadership. learn more

Girl Education

One of the main focus of Merick Academy is to promote girl education across all disciplines and spheres of life. As part of this commitment, 70% of all students we admit every year are female. You can support our girl education initiative by nominating a girl to apply to our Merick academy or sponsor a girl to go to school.

Women Empowerment

We are redefining how we give back to our community. Our give back is solely focused on Women Empowerment. Each year our students either build a new income generating project for deprived women or support an exiting one. Through our giving back strategy, Merick Scholars are building a society where women are empowered to thrive both economically and socially on a daily basis. Typically, 5 students create one project with the help of a mentor. A single project supports and leads at least 10 women, 10 families and 50 people out of poverty over the first one to three years. Our scholars are tasked to ensure the success of these projects and support them for a life time.

List of all Women Empowerment projects created since 2020

A poultry farm to empower refugee women and families in Kyangwali Refugee Camp